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We have many representations of sources through the tools, usually with URLs, line numbers, sometimes columns ("myfile.js:10"). Some have a click cursor on mouseover, some style the line or columns as red instead of blue (call tree), and not a part of the clickable link area (boo), and most are in monospace type.

We should consolidate our styles and have a consistent theme for our source links. I like the red line numbers, but will probably make it more annoying to use the whole link to be "clickable", and the pointer cursor is necessary (we need so many pointer cursors on so many things), and monospace usually works (never noticed it missing in the call tree, though), so being consistent with the webconsole sounds like a good way to go.


Canvas Debugger: Monospace, different shade of blue, pointer cursor
Rule Inspector: Monospace, all blue, pointer cursor
Web Console: Monospace, all blue, pointer cursor
Performance - Call Tree: Sans Serif, red line numbers, no pointer cursor
Performance - Marker Details: Monospace, blue, no pointer cursor


3 years ago
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2 years ago
Summary: Consistent Source Location Styling → Use source component widget for all source representations


2 years ago
Depends on: 1251033
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