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Bring WebGL formatting in line with dom module.


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:smaug has requested on a number of occasions that the dom/canvas/WebGL* files be brought into line with Mozilla coding guide. (The other code in dom/canvas follows these guidelines.)

:njn put together a list of issue in order of importance:
Kyle, Andrew, can you work with Jeff to split this up between the two of you and schedule it?
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I object to:
- |aFoo| for parameters
- Max 80 char line lengths
- In control statements, opening brace goes on same line (disagree for multi-line conditionals. Agree for single-line)

I don't like:
- Always brace one-line control statements

- Methods that override should be marked with |virtual| and |MOZ_OVERRIDE| (This is now false. Overriding methods should now be marked with `override` and not `virtual`.
I also don't like two-space indents, but I don't care that much. If we are doing the two-line indents, the patch should go in under my or Dan's name, to have a good default target for the commit annotation. 

We should probably have a fake user for the reformatting changes, actually.
I'd start with reformatting to 2 spaces.

A concur with Jeff on prefixing arguments with `a`, 80 columns, etc.
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See Also: → 1168845
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No longer blocks: webgl2
Didn't mean to CC ethlin on this. :)
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