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Investigate the value of external display's dpi returned by hwc


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Gonk (Firefox OS)




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When using
  int32_t values[3];
  const uint32_t attrs[] = {
  mHwc->getDisplayAttributes(mHwc, HWC_DISPLAY_EXTERNAL, 0, attrs, values);

Result of values[2], which is the xdpi of external display, returns 0.
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In [1], we use 75 as the default value for DPI_X. I think we should just use zero as the DPI_X value if we get the zero value. I found the definition in [2] said "if the DPI for a configuration is unavailable or the HWC implementation considers it unreliable, it should set these attributes to zero." And it won't cause any problem.

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I remove the default value 75 for x dpi when we cannot get the dpi info.
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Sorry, I forgot to remove the unnecessary comment.
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Can you explain why "Xdpi == 0" is ok for gecko? IIRC, it is not acceptable for gecko when the display own a document. [2] in Comment 1 is about hwc hal. It does not talk about android. Android does not use 0 for xdpi. In HWComposer::queryDisplayProperties(), if xdpi of hwc is 0, it get default value by calling getDefaultDensity().

I do not know from where 75.0 came. It seems better to align to android's implementation. Android value seems to be defined around the following.
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I think you are right! Maybe we have to get a default value for DPI when we get a zero value for DPI. 

I have asked Henry about 75.0 for DPI. He said that it is hardcode for some displays. So, I think we should remove it and use a default value for DPI when we get zero for DPI. I'm also investigating the EDID info. I think maybe we can calculate the correct DPI with it.
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