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When a channel is present in fileUrls only use that block to look for products


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Split out from bug 1168780.

(In reply to Ben Hearsum [:bhearsum] from comment #5)
> (In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] from comment #4)
> > (In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] from comment #0)
> > >
> > > * we should consider if we shouldn't fallback if the channel is a key in
> > > fileUrls
> > 
> > Ben, what do you think of the second point ?  It seems weird to me that if
> > s{omething is missing in the beta partials block then we go and look in the *
> > block, which otherwise is for releases.
> I totally agree with you, falling back to * when the channel is _explicitly_
> specified is wrong.

Possibly something like this:
diff --git a/auslib/blobs/ b/auslib/blobs/
index 473da46..ddc6337 100644
--- a/auslib/blobs/
+++ b/auslib/blobs/
@@ -698,8 +701,9 @@ class UnifiedFileUrlsMixin(object):
             url = None
             for c in channels:
-                url = self.get("fileUrls", {}).get(c, {}).get(patchKey, {}).get(from_)
-                if url:
+                config_block = self.get("fileUrls", {}).get(c, {})
+                if config_block:
+                    url = config_block.get(patchKey, {}).get(from_)

We'll need some tests too.
Mentor: bhearsum
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Nick, I tagged you in the PR but I'm not sure if you pay attention to Github notifications so I'm creating this too. The patch for this is risky, and I'd appreciate a second set of eyes on it.
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bug 1170919: Raise value error of channel not in 'fileUrls' (#138). r=bhearsum
This is in production. Thanks Njira!
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