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Replace ListView implementation in Home Panels with RecyclerView implementation


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In bug 1176207 we are replacing PanelGridView with a RecyclerView baked implementation. If we do the same to PanelListView then we can get rid of and unify even more code.

Ideally we use the same "PanelRecyclerView" for both and just swap the LayoutManager depending on whether we need a Grid or a List.
Blocks: home-panel-addons
No longer blocks: home-panels
Sebastian, I think I can do this, keeping the patch for bug 1176207 as a blue print.
Is there anything specific I should look for while working on this?
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You can work on this, but keep in mind:

* This is a rather big project. There have been follow-up bugs after bug 1176207. And there's a high chance of breaking things. There are multiple ways the list can be configured (via add-ons).

* This doesn't have a high priority for the team. The current implementation just works and currently we do not plan to enhance the list in a way that we really want to switch. Split this in a bunch of small, logical commits to get reviews. A big chunk of code will have a low chance of getting reviewed and landed.

* Test this thoroughly with all kinds of add-ons. Take screenshots and make sure that the layout still looks the same. Extra points for automated tests. :)
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Margaret and I have been talking about other bugs that are on our roadmap and where you could have a bigger impact. Bug 1227019 is one of them. It's about improving our history entries for past searches. Is this something that could interest you too?
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Sure, I will look into Bug 1227019. Since it is a meta bug, which bug would you recommend to get started?
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I think bug 1263014 is a good candidate. Let's move the discussion to the other bug. :)
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Let's just not do this. I don't think there's a clear need.
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