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Do not share a SharedWorker between a private and a non-private document


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See Also: → 1173467
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Can you base this on top of my patches in bug 1173467?  I already built the WorkerPrivate private browsing flag stuff there.
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::: dom/workers/WorkerPrivate.cpp
@@ +2335,5 @@
>    , mPrincipalIsSystem(false)
>    , mIsInPrivilegedApp(false)
>    , mIsInCertifiedApp(false)
>    , mIndexedDBAllowed(false)
> +  , mPrivateBrowsing(true)

Why default mPrivateBrowsing to true?

@@ +5085,5 @@
>        loadInfo.mIsInCertifiedApp = (appStatus == nsIPrincipal::APP_STATUS_CERTIFIED);
>        loadInfo.mFromWindow = true;
>        loadInfo.mWindowID = globalWindow->WindowID();
>        loadInfo.mIndexedDBAllowed = IDBFactory::AllowedForWindow(globalWindow);
> +      loadInfo.mPrivateBrowsing = nsContentUtils::IsInPrivateBrowsing(document);

So I pull the private browsing flag from the mLoadGroup set in SetPrincipal().  I think this might be more consistent across all cases.  Its also important to be in sync with the LoadGroup since other things are going to inspect it for behavior.
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Attached patch pb.patchSplinter Review
The reason why by default I set mPrivateBrowsing to true is to prevent the exposing of ServiceWorkers in case WorkerLoadInfo is not fully initialized.
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Review of attachment 8626614 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: dom/workers/ServiceWorkerManager.cpp
@@ +3735,5 @@
>    info.mPrincipal = aPrincipal;
>    info.mIndexedDBAllowed =
>      indexedDB::IDBFactory::AllowedForPrincipal(aPrincipal);
> +   info.mPrivateBrowsing = false;

Why is this required when the load group on the info can be used to infer it?
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> Why is this required when the load group on the info can be used to infer it?

Because there is an assertion in GenerateSharedWorkerKey() and the WorkerLoadInfo will be updated only when the script is fully loaded (from the network or from the cache) but that is too late and the key in mSharedWorkerInfos has already been created.
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Depends on: 1179548
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