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[tracker] Treeherder enhancements for sheriffs


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(Depends on 1 open bug)


Automatic backfilling
* Listen to trees for finished *test* jobs, we should be able to re-trigger a job a couple of times (similar to what trigger bot does on try) and backfill back to the last known good

Adding to TH the ability to backfill (only for sheriffs)
** This means modifying treeherder to only publish certain actions when a sheriff initiates them
* Add to jobs backfill button
* Send an action called "backfill"
* Change pulse_actions to listen for it and act on it
** This is very useful for talos regressions since automatic backfilling would not take care of this

Adding to TH the ability to fill-in a revision (only for sheriffs)
* Add to pushes a "fill-in" button (similar to cancel all)
* Send an action called "fill-in"
* Change pulse_actions to listen for it and act on it

Publish to pulse when we cancel all jobs
* TH currently does *not* send a message:
* Pulse_actions would listen to it and act on it
* We can dry-run for this since we can't limit who can cancel jobs (bug 1032163)

Add the ability to retrigger all_talos jobs on a revision N times
* We will grant this to sheriffs group on TH
* This is useful for developers, sheriffs and jmaher
* We should prompt the user to determine how many jobs
* Pulse_actions should listen to this action request and act on it
Depends on: 1180732
Depends on: 1180742
Automatic backfilling - bug 1180732
Backfill TH button (per job) - bug 1180735
Fill-in button (per push) - bug 1178524
TH to send cancel Pulse messages - bug 1171575
TH to allow retriggering talos jobs multiple times - bug 1180742
Add the ability to re-trigger, cancel on TaskCluster to mozci - bug 1149738
Depends on: 1149738
Depends on: 1183923
Depends on: 1121998
Depends on: 1168148
No longer depends on: 1032163
Depends on: 1429230
Depends on: 1422992
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