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Build ID: 2001-01-02-03, Windows 98.

Summary: Improve addressbook loading performance.

We're still about 5x slower than our competitor when it comes to:

* Focusing
* Loading
* Display the contents of:

a 1,000 entry addressbook.

The latest numbers are posted at, so as not to clutter
this bug.

I will attach two files:

1,000 message .msf folder locally (which takes us ~ 1 second to load).
1,000 entry impbook.mab (which takes us around 6 seconds to load).
Keywords: perf
QA Contact: nbaca → stephend
Created attachment 63346 [details]
1000 message local folder
Created attachment 63347 [details]
Addressbook.mab (1,000 entry)

Comment 3

16 years ago
dupe of 9012 rite?
*** Bug 9012 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Something things about loading and addressbook into a view (which is different 
than opening it up for use with just autocomplete).

1)  loading causes us to copy all the cards out of mork and into a giant array. 
(lots of allocs going on here.)
2)  then we build up two collation keys (i18n code) for each card (one for the 
primary sort, one for the secondary sort).  note, the secondary sort key is 
always email.
3)  then we sort the array, the compare function uses primary sort key, and if 
they are equal, then uses the secondary sort key to decide sort order.

My first optimization, as you can probably guess, is to not generate the 
secondary sort keys until we need them.  

The reason I made this "optimization" and generated the sort keys was:

a) if you sort by name, and then sort by phone number, the secondary sort key 
stay the same, and do not need to be regenerated.  of course, you still need to 
generate primary sort keys for all the phone numbers.

b) if you sort by email, you don't need to generate a primary sort key, since 
we can just use the secondary sort key.  and, for our secondary sort, we can 
just use the previous primary sort key, if we have one.

c) but primarily, it made the code simpler.

I'll fix my "optimization" (which helps subsequent sorts, but hurts loading), 
and see what it gets us.  Beyond that, I'll dive into quantify and see what's 
going on.

Large local addressbook performance comes into play with LDAP replication.  
when offline, we use local addressbook.  

But, we have an advantage here, because unlike large local addressbooks, large 
replicated addressbooks show up as blank (like LDAP addressbooks do) when you 
click on them.

So, I plan to make it so we won't even open the local mab file until you do a 
quick search (or advanced search) because until then, you won't need it.
(note, it might already be open due to autocomplete.)

Opening and loading the mab file, generating all the keys and doing all the 
sorting is much more work than just opening, doing a search, and doing the keys 
and sorting on the search results.  (given that the search results are much 
smaller than the total.)

Rajiv, this is why we need to treat offline LDAP addressbooks like online LDAP 
addressbooks.  (like 4.x did)

One day, I might even put a hidden per addressbook pref (defaulted to false) to 
treat normal local addressbooks like this, as a possible work around for 
someone who has HUGE a local addressbooks.  That trick should make them more 
usuable, at the cost of not requiring you to quick search or advance search 
to "see" what's in your addressbook.  (note, you could easily create an  
advanced search for email = "foo" or email != "foo" to see them all.  you get 
my point.)

Whiteboard: nab-perf
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9.9
Keywords: nsbeta1
All (especially Seth), please ignore comment #1.  Current metrics posted at :
Err..comment 0?  Does that work?  Anyways, the 1st entry in bugzilla ;-)
whoa, looking at the new metrics, we're decent (for 1000 card addressbooks) 
except for batch delete.

Some comments on the big differences:

New Card, Edit Card:  my gut tells me this is new window time.
Batch Delete (1,000 cards):  this is because we don't do any batch delete in AB.

Application Launch Time (Empty Address Book): was this comparing 
mozilla -addressbook to something similar for OE, or was this comparing 
launching AB from mail, compared to something similar for OE?

based on those numbers, I would move this bug off to 1.0, and make batch delete 
something for 0.9.9.

of course, for large local AB, we're slow.


donner, can you get some OE numbers for those addressbooks, to see where we are?

also, does OE block the UI like we do?  (I doubt it, they are smart up there in 

Given how slow we get with 10,000+, this bug should probably stay open for 0.9.9
<snip>Application Launch Time (Empty Address Book): was this comparing 
mozilla -addressbook to something similar for OE, or was this comparing 
launching AB from mail, compared to something similar for OE?

This was launching addressbook from the Tasks menu after launching Navigator. 
OE 6's addressbook is launched from the main client window, just like ours.
I've uploaded the latest metrics to the url above
(, but 4.7x shows us
at .57 seconds to launch from the Communicator menu (similar to our
implementation of the Tasks menu).  Outlook Express takes roughly 0.60 seconds.
Sigh, that comment was meant for bug 9012 (too many AB bugs to comment in!)

Comment 13

16 years ago
Marking as P2 because if I'm reading the #'s right, we're better than our
competition up to 5000 cards.  Hopefully it'll be possible to get the 10,000
card numbers for other products so we can see where we stand.
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.9 → mozilla1.0
contains the latest testing for huge amounts of cards (in LDIF format, but
should give us an estimate of similar performance for .mab, etc).

Comment 15

16 years ago
Discussed in 2/27/02 Mail & News bug meeting.  Decisions was to minus and Future
this bug.  Please renominate if you get data showing we are slower than the
Keywords: nsbeta1 → nsbeta1-
Whiteboard: nab-perf → nab-perf, needinfo
Target Milestone: mozilla1.0 → Future
Reducing severity to normal, since I've done the metrics and this isn't that far
Severity: major → normal
Product: Browser → Seamonkey


13 years ago
Assignee: sspitzer → mail
Priority: P2 → --
QA Contact: stephend → addressbook
Target Milestone: Future → ---

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9 years ago
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8 years ago
This bug report is registered in the SeaMonkey product, but still has no comment since the inception of the SeaMonkey project 5 years ago.

Because of this, we're resolving the bug as EXPIRED.

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