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Alias -webkit-column* CSS properties


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect)

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(Reporter: miketaylr, Unassigned)


We should alias the following -webkit- prefixed CSS multicol properties to their standards equivalents (either via CSS Unprefixing or otherwise) in Gecko.


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Blocks: 1170789
Note: we need to investigate just how interoperable our implementations are and the impact of aliasing these properties. It may be that this has huge wins for Microsoft, but very little to none for us.
Have we actually run into web-compat bugs resulting from use of these prefixed properties?  (I suspect not, given comment 1.)
I don't think we have, which suggests we should probably not take any action here for now. 

(It's on my TODO list to investigate.)
Going to remove as a blocker to Bug 1170789 because this doesn't qualify as "most important for mobile compat". If we find enough places this breaks sites, we can re-link.
No longer blocks: 1170789
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