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Alias -webkit-transform related CSS properties


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We should alias the following -webkit- prefixed CSS transform properties to their standards equivalents (either via CSS Unprefixing or otherwise) in Gecko.


WebKitCSSMatrix is also related, but is tracked in Bug 717722.

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Bug 837211 added support for -webkit-transform, -webkit-transform-origin and -webkit-transform-style.

We probably want to add in aliases for -webkit-backface-visibility, -webkit-perspective, and -webkit-perspective-origin. Does that sound reasonable dholbert?
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(In reply to Mike Taylor [:miketaylr] from comment #1)
> We probably want to add in aliases for -webkit-backface-visibility,
> -webkit-perspective, and -webkit-perspective-origin. Does that sound
> reasonable dholbert?

tl;dr: yes.

Longer: Sounds reasonable, if there's data to show that websites actually depend on them. And I think we're using the list of properties that Edge supports (linked in comment 0) as a proxy for such data.[1]  So, since these properties are in that list, it does seem reasonable to add -webkit prefixed versions of them.

[1] (MS says "Our support (or lack thereof) of prefixed APIs is data-driven with compatibility as the sole purpose for any that remain. As examples, -webkit-border-radius is still in use on over 60% of page loads [...]" )
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Attached patch fix v1Splinter Review
This patch adds support for the webkit-prefixed properties mentioned in
comment 1. (as aliases)

Try run:
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(Note: These properties are all defined in , which is why they're grouped together here, despite their dissimilar naming.)
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Here's the spec commit for -webkit-backface-visibility, -webkit-perspective, and -webkit-perspective-origin:
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Looks good, thanks again!
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