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Tab Tray should respect "Reduce Motion" accessibility setting


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"Reduce motion" is a setting to reduce animations, in my understanding especially those that can induce feeling of 3D motion and cause "not feeling well" state.

Tab Tray currently animates the tab in a sense that makes it feel "zoom out" into the Tab Tray, and then when selecting it, the selected tab web content "zooms in", thus this could create a perception of movement for the observing individual.

We should take a hint from App Switcher (which is in principle very similar to Tab Tray) to make e.g. a crossfade animation in/out of the Tab Tray instead of the "flying tabs" in case where the user has turned on the "General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Reduce Motion" setting.

Note that Safari does not do this with their tabs, so we would be better than Safari in that regard.
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Thanks for your work! Comments in the PR.
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What prevents this from landing?
Looks like Boris left some comments for review for arkratos to address. This code is also pretty stale since in the meantime there has been a lot of work done on the transition animation code. I can probably update this - doesn't seem to be a lot of code changes.
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Would be great if this were moved ahead with the other issues in VIMS. There's been movement in the W3C on this
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