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[User Story] Make DataStore available to privileged homescreen apps


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As a third party developer I would like to create a homescreen app which can access the same data stores as the built-in homescreen app so I can provide equivalent functionality


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In order to allow third party replaceable homescreens we need the Data Store API to be made available to third party privileged apps which identify themselves with the "homescreen" role in their manifest. This will enable access to the bookmarks and places data stores which the Gaia's built-in homescreen can access.

Eventually we would like to deprecate the data stores in favour of a more webby solution, but for the 2.5 release we need to unblock replaceable homescreens by making the DataStore available under some specific circumstances. That is apps which:
* Are of type "privileged" (have been reviewed and signed)
* Have the "homescreen" role in their manifest
* Are set as the current homescreen in Settings
fyi, here's how to check if a document is from the current homescreen:
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We should test that, but that can go in a followup.
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Thanks Andrea, that was super fast!
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Wrong bug...
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I have written some details on what a 3rd party manifest would need to include here:

I've also added a note at the top of

A quick tech review would be great; thanks!
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