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Rearchitect mozilla-taskcluster


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See for details.

At least the following two components will be required:

1) vcs scheduler

This is probably entirely covered by bug 1158272 "Introduce .taskcluster.yml (or similar) in root dir of vcs project, as a mechanism for generating a task graph for that repository".

Note: bug 1178516 "scheduler: New big graph scheduler" will impact the requirements, as it changes the scheduling mechanism.

2) treeherder updater

We will need a component for listening to taskcluster pulse exchanges and updating job statuses in treeherder via treeherder APIs. This was also previously handled by mozilla-taskcluster component.


1) Are any other components needed?

2) I'm not sure what (if any) APIs these new components should expose.

3) The vcs scheduler will be written in node.js in bug 1158272. The tree herder updater could be written in node.js/python/go or even rust. You get a lot for free using node.js due to features in taskcluster-base. If the tree herder updater will expose APIs, node.js offers a shorter path.

4) I've casually named these components "vcs scheduler" and "treeherder updater" for the purposes of this bug - if other names are preferred / in active use, please advise.
See Also: → 1177315
RE: #2

I spoke with camd recently and it would be desirable to have our mozilla-taskcluster (treeherder updater component) to emit pulse messages rather than talk to the API directly.  Just something to keep in mind when we're redesigning this.
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Whiteboard: taskcluster-q32015-meeting
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We want to turn off mozilla-taskcluster.
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