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[mobile] Inconsistent button size - read more reviews on mobile


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(Reporter: trishul.goel, Assigned: arushgyl, Mentored)



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Build ID: 20150716004006

Steps to reproduce:

1. Goto
2. Scroll to bottom.

Actual results:

Load more button is smaller than write a review button

Expected results:

Both buttons should be of same size.
can you please give your screen dimension?
Yes its on MotoG2, 360X640
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yeah, reproducible, but i am not sure if it is by design. NI'ing phil for this :)
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Also NI'ing Liz for comment#4
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Phil should weigh in on the sizing.
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Priority: -- → P3
Hi Phil,
your input on this?
The bug looks good.Can I work on it?
can i work on it...
I want to work on this bug...
arushgyl, we are waiting for Phil's input. If he confirms the bug this will be assigned to you.
This will be fixed with P1.
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Assignee: nobody → arushgyl
Ever confirmed: true
Thanks phil for the input :) 
This bug is going to be fixed in MOW phase1. So I would say to wait for the design.

(In reply to arushgyl from comment #13)
> Fixed it in

Arushgyl, please avoid inline css for any design patch. And wait for the design to come, then you can fix it. 

Assigning myself as mentor, so if you need any help,  you can ask.
Mentor: softfilebd
Hi, sorry for delay,  Arushgyl, please make the load more button width to 100% upto screen with 699px. screen width greater or equal to  700px, the button width should be 300px

Helping link -

Let me know if have any questions.
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Ok will start working on it!
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As spasovski commented on your pr, please correct the minor mistakes, 

and as I give you the link earlier - 

Have a look at it & make default button width 100% and when it goes to @media $base-tablet then set it to 300px.

Thanks for working on it :)
Hi Arush, please create a pull request and attach its links here.

Thanks for the pr,Arush. I have added some comment in pr, please have a look at those.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 2015-09-01
Verified as fixed on FF OS 2.5 (Flame), FF OS 1.4 (Inari) and FF43 (Android 4.2.1) on MP-dev.
Postfix screenshots:
Closing bug.
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