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[Web Components] Document's element registry is not persisted in the BF Cache


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In NGA, we will have some panels loaded in a separate .html, and others loaded within the same index.html.

When testing this in Contacts [1], we have reproduce this in [2] following the STR:

- Open Contacts App and create a contact 'EXAMPLE'.
- Close the app.
- Open the app, and tap on 'EXAMPLE'. Tap on 'edit' (with this we are changing the location 2 times)
- Go back until reaching the list of contacts
- Tap on 'Settings'

Settings is shown as expected

All header & subheader styles are not available, and the UI is broken

This is needed due to NGA is based on this, and we could block the development of it.

Blocks: 1183727
Whiteboard: [NG Gaia Contacts]
Wilson, I think you found a set of steps to reproduce this. Could you add a comment explaining the issue? Thanks!
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I've created a test-case the proves that custom-element registrations are not persisted in the BF Cache.

1. Navigate to a.html that runs `document.registerElement('x-foo', ...)`
2. Navigate to b.html 
3. `history.back()`
4. `document.createElement('x-foo')`

EXPECTED: An instance of the initially registered 'x-foo' should be created
ACTUAL: 'x-foo' is not registered and behaves the same as running `document.createElement('x-bar')`
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Summary: [Web Components] When using gaia-header in an app with multiple views sometimes styles are not loaded. → [Web Components] Document's element registry is not persisted in the BF Cache
I'm not really familiar with registerElement handling.
wchen and perhaps also gabor know this stuff.
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I don't really have the time right now to work on this. But it seems like a bug to me. I think we create a new registry here even if we're just coming out of the bf cache. I wouldn't know what's the proper way to fix it but I'm sure William can figure this out when he has some free cycles for it.
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William told me his impression is that this isn't super high priority and that this is "just something that needs to be done" (and he may have an old patch).
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 2 years ago
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