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Generate SDK JNI headers for Bundle


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We need JNI access to Bundle for NativeJSContainer.
The API version detection functionality was broken in SDKProcessor
because we were passing in "Lpackage/Class;" as the class name rather
than just "package/Class". Also, some classes have a weird situation
where some methods were moved around in later API versions. For example,
some put* and get* methods in Bundle were moved to BaseBundle in API 21.
If we only checked BaseBundle.put*, we would think they are API 21+
only. The workaround is to check both the top-level class and the
declaring class for a member, and choose the lower API level as the
minimal API level for that member.

This patch also fixes bugs in including the right class members.
For SDKProcessor we want to include all public members of a class,
including inherited members, because the private/protected members are
not part of the public API. For AnnotationProcessor, we want to include
all the members declared in that class, including private and
protected members, because we may want to access private/protected
members of our own Java classes from C++.
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Add Bundle to the list of SDK classes to generate JNI bindings for. The
generated bindings, like other SDK classes, use XPCOM-style nsresult
to indicate success/failure, and return values through out-parameters.
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