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HiDPI images for official branding of the stub installer


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(I feel like I've seen a bug/discussion specifically on this before, but I can't find it so may be imagining it!)

The stub installer's graphics are all standard-resolution, which makes for a poor/blurry first experience when a user encounters Firefox. Can the installer user higher-res images when appropriate?

I sorta assume it's not possible to use SVG here. And using larger images will increase the stub size, although if selected carefully the impact can be reduced. And maybe we can ship 200% artwork with downscaling for other factors?
We use larger images to support hDPI and scale them down for non hDPI. It is also DPI aware to deal with fonts, etc. Unless there is something else I don't think this is a valid bug. Are you reporting this because you see something amiss or is this a I think this maybe the case type bug?
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Here's the first page of the stub installer on a 200% display. The text is clear and sharp, but the images are not.

EG, is 201x59, and it's being upscaled here to ~402x118.

Similarly is 674x337, while the grey area of the window is 1344x647.
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shorlander, can you create new images for these?

dolske, are there any others?
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Attached image Mis-scaled too
Curiously, a 200% version of bgintro should be 1348x674, not 1344x647. The missing width might just be under the 4 pixels of window border, if that's being included in the client area, but the height difference of 27 pixels implies something might be scaled incorrectly.

Indeed, if I use Photoshop to overlay (with 50% opacity) a pixel-doubled version of bgintro.bmp over my screenshot, you can see the installer's image is vertically compressed and misregistered with the overlay.
Summary: HiDPI images for stub installer → HiDPI images for official appname.bmp and bgintro.bmp for the stub installer
clock.bmp and pencil.bmp also appear to only have 100% versions, so I'm not sure we've actually got any images being downscaled.
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Summary: HiDPI images for official appname.bmp and bgintro.bmp for the stub installer → HiDPI images for official branding of the stub installer
Attached patch Patch, WIPSplinter Review
Wanted to see if this was as easy as updating the images - it is. I've only updated appname.bmp here.

First, need to add the following to your mozconfig:

  ac_add_options --enable-official-branding

Then |mach build installer|, and look for it in $OBJDIR/dist/install/sea/ as firefox-(blah)-stub.exe.

The image asset is 4x bigger, as one would expect from uncompressed BMP files.
Attached image Stub installer
Not sure if the images have been changed or if they are still the same as when this bug was filed, but the stub installer still has a pixelated background in Firefox 51.
What images do we need to fix this? bgstub.bmp is the only image I see in the branding directory and it's low res.
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