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[meta] Add Code Coverage for JavaScript code.


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(Keywords: meta)

This is a meta bug to add Code Coverage for JavaScript code executed in SpiderMonkey.  We have multiple reasons to do that:

The most important is to support release management team, by producing Code Coverage information over executed JavaScript code, and producing gcov-like data files.  This would help improve the quality of Firefox, and help evaluate the quality of our tests to accept/refuse new features.

The second reason is to expose this information to the dev-tools, such that JavaScript developers do not have to instrument their code to have code coverage results within the dev-tools.

The third, if the overhead is neglectable, is to make use of the same information to improve IonMonkey register allocation and removal of unused basic blocks ahead of time.
Depends on: 1189750
Depends on: 1190446
Depends on: 1190454
Depends on: 1190792
Depends on: 1191289
Alias: js-code-coverage
Summary: (js-code-coverage) [meta] Add Code Coverage for JavaScript code. → [meta] Add Code Coverage for JavaScript code.
Depends on: 1198356
Depends on: 1203695
Depends on: 1204554
Duplicate of this bug: 651621
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 1213732
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Type: defect → task
Depends on: 1606960
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