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[mozprofile] investigate why mozprofile requires manifestparser, and try to remove that


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mozprofile requires manifestparser, and that dependency doesn't make any sense intuitively.

I think we should have a look and try to fix this.
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The manifestparser dependency of mozprofile is made optionnal with this patch.
It is still possible to install it using the extra pip/setuptools syntax:

> pip install mozprofile[manifest]

Note that the following:

> pip install mozprofile

won't install nor requires manifestparser now.

I forgot to say this in the first comment, but it will be good for outside tools like mozregression to not require this as it is useless for them.

Note that I updated the mozprofile version in the same patch, so I could use that version from mozregression.

I don't think this would break internal tests, as everything in mozbase is zipped and accessible I think. Anyway, we'll see that on try.
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Thanks! Lgtm.

::: testing/mozbase/mozprofile/
@@ +30,5 @@
>        license='MPL 2.0',
>        packages=['mozprofile'],
>        include_package_data=True,
>        zip_safe=False,
> +      install_requires=['mozfile >= 1.0', 'mozlog >= 3.0'],

Please keep the deps variable, it's easier to find at the top of the file and by now everyone is trained to look for it there :).
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Leave-open so I can release that to pypi once landed in m-c.
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Oh, I tested before doing the release - and I made a typo in the last patch...

Sorry for that - this new patch fixes it, I tested it locally with success (specifying or not with pip the extra dependency).
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