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[Tracking] clean up mozbase dependencies


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(Depends on 1 open bug)


Some mozbase packages have dependencies on other mozbase packages where it does not make much sense in every cases - we have for example:

 - mozversion that requires mozdevice (see bug 1189847)
 - mozprofile that requires manifestparser (see bug 1189858)

We should make these dependencies optional, using setuptools extra dependencies:

This is mainly an issue for out-tree tools, such as mozregression, because mozregression requires mozprofile but do not care about manifestparser. This adds some dependency complexity and may end up with bugs like bug 1096244, or other corner cases (pip (sub)dependency management is quite a pain) - so requiring as less as possible will help for that.
Depends on: 1190371
Depends on: 1191373
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