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Add a tab muted icon


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On Firefox desktop we have a muted icon, it would be nice to have this on Android too.
I mentioned this in bug 1190301, but we can keep this open to make sure we don't lose track of this issue.
antlam, do you have an icon I can use for when the tab is muted? Something like a speaker with a strike through it.
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I don't think adding this functionality has huge user benefits right now so I'd like to hold off on this. It feels a bit "too much" (in terms of functionality). 

And, we could probably solve it a better way as well. Especially since there are usually numerous ways to achieve this "instant- muting" ability on these devices themselves (compared to desktop).

Let's land bug 1190301 first.
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Okay, I'll remove this mute functionality in bug 1190301, and we can leave this bug open to talk about re-adding it.
Assignee: margaret.leibovic → nobody
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