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Allocation counts are not scoped by selection


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The counts are per-frame, which can occur many times in a recording, so if the selection has one allocation at frame X, then it uses the count of allocations that appeared in the entire recording. See URL.

This is also necessary for the byte size counting.
Attached patch 1191508-alloc-count.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Gets rid of counting on the actor-side -- we need to step through each individual allocation and maintain the count on the client side, because the count should change based off of selection.

We already store sample count (as leaf node and otherwise) for normal profiling trees, so this is no different, so this was super easy! And adding bytesize now will be cake.
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Aside: For the future, it's really helpful for reviewers if you split your patch into multiple parts. It's a little bit more work on your end, but it ends up paying off in the long run as faster review turn around, less r-, and smaller/faster re-reviews in the case of an r-.

r=me on toolkit/devtools/*

I don't feel comfortable reviewing any of the frontend changes, as I have no idea what's going on there. Bouncing that part to Victor, but feel free to choose someone else who knows the frontend, if there is such a person.

::: toolkit/devtools/shared/memory.js
@@ -287,2 @@
>      };
> -

Nit: don't remove this line.
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shu's probably a better reviewer for this as these are changes to the tree model that the profiler uses. All the tests changes are just removing checking for "counts" from the allocations actor
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Patch just has back end changes, and front end test changes that no longer assume the existence of a "count" property.
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And here are the tree model/view changes. Split these up so can expose bytesize on the memory module if first piece lands before uplift.
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Forgot to remove tests for count for the allocations changing, failing on fx-team
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Looks good to me.
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Nice cleanup.

::: browser/devtools/performance/modules/logic/frame-utils.js
@@ +509,1 @@
>    }

We could unconditionally put the self and total counts on data. Not an expensive thing anymore like it used to be.
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