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Change JS shell to default to the standard version of JS (not 1.7+)


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As reported in bug 1146532:

    js> var yield;
    typein:1:4 SyntaxError: yield is a reserved identifier:

Nonsense. The js shell should default to standard, Web-compatible JS.

The version() shell builtin is still there for testing legacy features.
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Blocks: 1146532
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Snagging this ^.^
+1 I encountered this when working on let in V8. I mistakenly thought SpiderMonkey reserved let as a keyword for a while. I am using the easy workaround of writing a web page for it, but it'd be great if the js repl were fixed.
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Start by changing JSVERSION_LATEST to JSVERSION_DEFAULT throughout js/src/shell/js.cpp.

If there's an interesting part, it'll involve fixing busted tests. Broad-spectrum restoration of the old gross version for particular directories of tests is OK: the goal of this bug is to fix the shell for people using it interactively.
This is a dupe of Bug 1173883...
Not really. Web console is not the same as the JS shell.
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Sorry for the long turnaround time here. The changes to JSVERSION_DEFAULT in shell/js.cpp didn't break tests because the shell tests were already calling "version(0)" before running. I went ahead and removed that since it's unnecessary now.
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Great! Glad this turned out to be easy for once.
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This fixes the asm tests by explicitly setting a version.
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I already gave this review on IRC, but it doesn't hurt to have it here too.
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(In reply to Florian Scholz [:fscholz] (MDN) from comment #16)
> Added a note to
> Introduction_to_the_JavaScript_shell and

Ah, thank you! /me Takes note to always remember docs for the future. :)
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