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l10n strings loader may misses external language pack


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1. Run the Firefox with a clean profile.
2. Install the "ADB Helper" add-on in WebIDE, and then restart the Firefox.
3. Install a Firefox language pack, like on, and change the general.useragent.locale to its locale code in about:config, and then restart the Firefox.
4. Open devtools, like Ctrl+Shift+K or else.

Actual results:
See the tools's label and some checkbox in toolbox settings, them not loaded strings from langpack instead the built-in language packs (locale).

On the code level, Inspect the "gDevTools.getDefaultTools()" for browser with Scratchpad.

Expected results:
The l10n loader accurate detection or hook the langpack changes and reload the strings bundles.

Additional info:
This situation seems to be "ADB Helper" add-on is loaded earlier than the language pack, and it refers to the relevant interfaces (devtools), leading to the strings bundles being loaded earlier.
And, the issue probably not be limited to "ADB Helper", and may not limited to devtools.

If I modify the extensions.bootstrappedAddons to lifting the loading order for language pack, it will be effective. But the not resolved for the language packs to enable / disable immediate effect, the l10n loader are one-off.
Depends on: 918033, 855914
See Also: → 1322837
The architecture seems to have changed.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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