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No Twitter feed plugin for


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It's currently not possible to embed a Twitter Feed in a blog sidebar:

- WordPress does not allow user-written JS or HTML iframes so I can't directly embed a Twitter feed
- "Social" plugin does not work with Twitter for some reason. Every time I try to add a Twitter account, Twitter asks me to authorize the application, it does get authorized, but the Social plugin doesn't see my user account for some reason. Server-side misconfiguration?
- "Twitter Tools" plugin depends on "Social" plugin, so it also doesn't work
- "Wickett Twitter Widget" is no longer supported by its author (replaced by a "Jetpack" plugin) -- it was last updated in 2011. It is unable to load a Twitter feed in 2015
- "Twitter Facebook Social Share" doesn't load Twitter feeds

Can we get a plugin able to display a Twitter feed? :)
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Component: → WebOps: IT-Managed Tools
Product: Websites → Infrastructure & Operations
QA Contact: smani
Whiteboard: [kanban:]
Assignee: server-ops-webops → rwatson

We have a lot of widgets and a lot of plugins all over the place. 
We are mid audit of these plugins and in the interest of not installing more, I'm putting a hold on this request. 

I will revisit this bug in a month or so once we are in a better position to help you. (And I'm sure we can)
The Twitter widget provided by Jetpack should work, though it embeds an iframe that some ad-blockers will block. 

The other plugins mentioned above are mostly outdated and should be removed, if they haven't been already.
:vladan which blog specifically are you talking about?
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I'm not sure anyone cares about this anymore. The theme has changed since this bug was first made. 
If I'm mistaken, feel free to ping me either here or on IRC.
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(In reply to Ryan Watson [:w0ts0n] from comment #3)
> :vladan which blog specifically are you talking about?

This referred to the blog I had at but I haven't been an employee in over a year and that blog is deleted now :) Still, having a Twitter widget might be useful for other Mozillians
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