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draft triggers a manual run of filters


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Steps to reproduce:

Create a filter "googlemail" that sorts all mails that include "googlemail" in from into a certain folder called "googlemail"

(This is just an example, but replace "googlemail" with any other part of your own email, for example your real surname)

select in your filter both "manually run" and "getting new mail" 

Actual results:

when composing a new mail and pressing CTRL+S to save as draft the draft is stored but immediately moved into the "googlemail" folder

Expected results:

The mail should stay in the "Drafts" folder. "manually run" should not be triggered inside the Drafts folder
I cannot reproduce this.

What version were you using when this was reported, and do you still see the issue when using a current version?
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This seems quite improbable, and the reporter has not responded.
So => incomplete
Closed: 4 years ago
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I think 38.2.0. with IMAP.

Did you try it exactly as described?

use manually run also. Once you press CTRL+S to save the email in the (online IMAP) Drafts folder, if it matches a filter criteria it gets automatically sorted away.
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(In reply to Ruben from comment #3)
> I think 38.2.0. with IMAP.
> Did you try it exactly as described?

Is there a step there that you consider unusual?  It reads like a standard filter setup.

What happens if you uncheck the box for "Manual Run"?
See Also: → 681474
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