XMPP account causes extra master password prompt which cannot be canceled



4 years ago
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4 years ago
After I've added an XMPP account to Thunderbird, I get an extra prompt for my master password when starting Thunderbird. This is probably related to bug 177175.

Normally I can Cancel the extra prompts and I only need to type the password in the first prompt. For my XMPP account however, if I cancel the prompt, I get prompted to enter the password for the XMPP user.
If I leave the extra prompt empty and click OK, the XMPP account does find the password and uses it to login.

Only problem is that I'm used to clicking Cancel instead of OK, because this also works when there's a partial password in the input field, which sometimes happens when I start typing the password and another password prompt appears and steals focus.
I wonder if this is related to the way we attempt to synchronously initialize the password manager (done in bug 1030059).
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