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[B2G] [Emulator] support CDMA 3-way call


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Now, we have bugs for CDMA single call[1] and CDMA call waiting[2]. However, we need to support CDMA 3-way call as well to verify the conference feature of our WebAPI

[1] bug 1147296 - [B2G] [Emulator] Support CDMA call operations 
[2] bug 975779 - [B2G] [RIL] add marionette tests for CDMA call waiting
Blocks: 1009393
Assignee: nobody → bhsu
Summary: [B2G][Emulator] support CDMA 3-way call → [B2G] [Emulator] support CDMA 3-way call
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Part 1: Update some helper functions in head.js

Review of attachment 8706195 [details] [diff] [review]:

r=me after the following nits are addressed.


::: dom/telephony/test/marionette/head.js
@@ +709,1 @@

nit: shall we add the length-check of callsInTelephony, callsInConference here before verify the calls inside them?
is(callsInTelephony.length, telephony.calls.length);
is(callsInConference.length, telephony.conferenceGroup.calls.length);

@@ +709,3 @@
>      // Check telephony.calls
> +    if (callsInTelephony.length) {

nit: It seems not necessary to check this before invoking and Array.forEach()?

@@ +735,3 @@
>      // Check conference.calls
> +    if (callsInConference.length) {

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Part 2: Add a new testcase

Review of attachment 8706196 [details] [diff] [review]:

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Attached file [external/qemu] pull request #176 (obsolete) —
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Update a helper function in head.js.
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Hi Edgar,

I implement these patches on Emulator-x86-kk this time, and they also work perfectly on Emulator-ics. Do you mind reviewing them?
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[external/qemu] pull request #177

Looks good, r=me with the comments on github addressed or answered.

Since MNW is back now, please be careful about the landing sequence and if the emulator changes will break current test cases, you need to disable the tests first. BTW, do these changes need to be uplift to ics? 

Thank you.
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Assignee: bhsu → nobody
I believe we can close this as wontfix as we don't support firefox os.
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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