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[meta] B2G Emulator: support CDMA


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To run automation test cases for CDMA, we should let emulator support CDMA.
In working branch I added an console command 'modem tech <technology>' to switch between cdma and gsm dynamically. Now I am trying to write a marionette tests to test this mechanism.
Attached file Example for test case (obsolete) —
The flow for cdma test case is as below:
1. Send console command, 'modem tech cdma', to switch mode.
2. Wait card state change to 'ready'. (Because emulator will reset radio after switch mode)
3. Perform tests.
4. Switch mode back. 

You can reference this example

Assignee: nobody → echen
hardware/ril pull request #13
external/qemu pull request 29
Attachment #743447 - Flags: review?(vyang)
Attachment #743459 - Flags: review?(vyang)
Blocks: b2g-ril-cdma
After discussing with Vicamo, we should correct the tests case behavior as below.
1. Turn off radio. (Airplane mode on)
2. Switch technology.
3. Turn on radio. (Airplane mode off)
4. Perform tests.
5. Turn off radio. (Airplane mode on)
6. Switch technology back.
7. Turn on radio. (Airplane mode off)

I will provide new patches and also example later.

New example mentioned in comment #6.
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Depends on: 869327
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Comment on attachment 743459 [details]
Part 2: external/qemu pull request 29

As commented on Github, let's innovate some more concentrated way for modem technology switching.
Attachment #743459 - Flags: review?(vyang)
Change this bug to meta bug for CDMA emulator. I will file a new bug for switching modem radio technology which I was trying to fix in this bug.
Assignee: echen → nobody
Summary: B2G Emulator: support CDMA → [meta] B2G Emulator: support CDMA
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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