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[UX][TV][2.5][Fennec side] Fennec spec for seamless experience


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This is UX bug for Fennec side spec of seamless experience.
No longer blocks: TV_Seamless_TVSide, 1187843
Summary: [UX][TV][2.5][Fennec side] Fennec spec for → [UX][TV][2.5][Fennec side] Fennec spec for seamless experience
Hi Anthony,
This is UX bug for holding Seamless experience spec of Fennec side.
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Component: Gaia::TV → General
Product: Firefox OS → Firefox for Android
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Hi Anthony,
Would you provide Fennec side spec of Cast Video/SendTab or we should just use the one from Tori?
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Wanted to clarify - What part are you referring to? are you looking for visual/UI specs or more of a UX flow? 

I think Margaret was going to make a prototype (please correct me if I'm remembering wrong!) that should be "to spec", at least from a UI/UX point of view. 

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I built a "dummy" add-on to demonstrate the add-on UX that we discussed. You can install it from this page to try it out:

I put the code here:

I don't think we need detailed UX specs, since there's not much flexibility to change how things look with an add-on (the add-on APIs guarantee the visual changes will be "to spec").
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That's what I'm thinking too. Josh, does this work for you?
(In reply to Anthony Lam (:antlam) from comment #7)
> That's what I'm thinking too. Josh, does this work for you?
Hi Anthony, Hi Margaret,
TOri just replied by mail:

"Cast video to FFOS TV” : 
     We don't need spec for this as you mentioned there's not much flexibility here.

"Send to FFOS TV”, “Remote Control": 
     Tori will provide spec for add-on and may need your feedback. Do you usually need to review UX spec for add-on?
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Sure. As an aside, I'm less concerned about the "remote control" aspect here. 

For everything else, I strongly recommend you guys pick up where Margaret left off in comment 6. As she mentioned, that should contain our agreed upon UX and UI "spec" already.
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I found it's not possible to create a media control UI in Fennec add-on. Therefore, we'll only implement "Send to FFOS TV", "Remote Control" in add-on.

"Cast video to FFOS TV" will be integrated in Fennec UI as in bug 1129785.
Hi Tori,
Can you make sure the spec is updated as current implementation by SC and Jimmy?
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UX had checked the implementation previously.
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