Error/Alert message when renaming folder only appears after dismissing rename dialog



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Steps to reproduce:

1. Right click a folder, select "rename".
2. In the Rename Folder dialog, enter the name of another folder that already exists.
3. Click "OK"

Actual results:

Actual result: TB does not appear to do anything. The Alert dialog ("Alert / A folder with that name already exists. Please enter a different name.") only appears AFTER you click "Cancel" on the rename dialog.

If you click "OK" again multiple times before clicking "Cancel", then when you click "Cancel" you are presented with a series of Alert prompts equal to the number of times you pressed "OK".

Expected results:

Expected result: The Alert dialog should appear on top of the Rename dialog instead of waiting for the rename dialog to be dismissed. This would inform the user why the Rename command won't proceed.

Comment 1

3 years ago
I should have mentioned related Bug 92165 and Bug 104525 (both of which pertaining to renaming a folder to only change the case of the existing name) which currently produce this error also.

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