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Inconsistency between the steps from tracking protection UITour


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Reproduced with Firefox 42 beta 1, latest Aurora 43.0a2 2015-09-23 and latest Nightly 44.0a1 2015-09-22 under Win 7 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04 and Mac OS X 10.9.5.

1. Open a private window and select "See how this works" button to start the tracking protection tour -
2. Notice the styling of the first step and then select Next to go to the second one

ER: All the three steps from the tour have the same styling

AR: Step 2 is different from steps 1 and 3:
- different font used (eg for Win: Helvetica (bold) instead of Lucinda Grande (bold))
- the Next button is slightly smaller
- Next text has a different (or smaller) font
- X button to close the tooltip has a different style and background icon
Thanks for filing this,

The info panel on step 2 of the TP tour isn't in fact a real XUL panel. We can't target them on content in the web page itself, so for step 2 we recreated one using HTML/CSS. This is why they look a bit different.

I can work on this and try and make it as close as possible. I'm comforted by the fact this was down as blocking Bug 1207419, which shows we must be at least close :)
No longer blocks: 1207419
Assignee: nobody → agibson
Whiteboard: [kb=1856193]
Matt, a few styling questions for the info panel on step 2:

1.) I'm currently using `font: -moz-document;` for the info panel. Should I be using something else to make sure it matches the real XUL panels? `font: message-box` perhaps?

2.) Can you help point me to the CSS for the actual panels, so I can try and match things as close as possible.

3.) I'm also trying to locate the image(s) used for the beveled (x) close button.

Flags: needinfo?(MattN+bmo)
Blocks: 1209429
Removing these bugs as blockers for the release of the Tracking Protection UITour for the Fall.

Any UITour position-related bugs should be tied to bug 1207419.
No longer blocks: 1178805
No longer blocks: 1207419
Closing this, as was fixed in Bug 1209429. We added separate button styles for Windows, OSX and Linux for the step 2 door-hanger, as per Comment 4. It may not be pixel-perfectly identical, but we agreed it wasn't worth spending too much time on.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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