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Theme: Set accentColor on Android 5.0+


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Not set


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Firefox 44
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Currently we do not set an accentColor (for theming UI controls) in our theme. That's why checkboxes and headers have this cyan color in settings (See screenshot).
@Anthony: What's the best color to use here?
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I'm here for my first bug. Can you please help me through resolving bugs in firefox?
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Any input from Anthony so far ?
Hey Shubham!

I've been thinking about this more. 

It seems like the best color here would be our Action Orange (#E66000) which is what seems to be there.
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Attached patch color_patch.diff (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Set the accent color to action_orange. @aAnthony I actually made the same choice. In fact the screenshot named color/fennec_orange that i attached is actually action_orange. i had accidentally named it incorrectly.
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Nice. This is looking good!

The commit message is a bit misleading. This color does not relate to menus. It's used to tint UI controls in general (Android 5+). Maybe change it to something like: "Set colorAccent in v21+ theme.". And you can add the reviewer at the end of the message. So in this case the commit message could read something like this:

"Bug 1208705 - Set colorAccent in v21+ theme. r=sebastian"

Feel free to upload an updated patch. This does not require a new review.

I'll push the patch to try[1] for you. If all tests pass then you can add the "checkin-needed" [2] keyword to this bug in order to get your changes commited and pushed.

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cool, Thank you! 
I'll upload an updated patch shortly.
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Depends on: 1213223
Depends on: 1216503
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