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(Reporter: Mark Newby, Assigned: Scott MacGregor)


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I'm submitting this on my Windows box, but this bug relates to me using Mozilla 
on Linux (RH7.2, 2.4.7-10).  This bug has been around for about the last 6mths 
worth of Mozilla releases...

For WU IMAP accounts (haven't tried POP or other IMAP server), when there's new 
messages in the remote mailbox file (eg from filtering mail on the IMAP server 
using procmail), the mailboxes (aka `folders') in the left-hand-side pane do 
not refresh themselves during/after send & receive.  Only when you actually 
click inside them do the new messages download and the summary update (ie name 
turns bold and unread msgs count updates).  I've been caught out by this many 
times, often missing important e-mails, as I had no idea they were sitting 

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
These steps have only been tested against WU IMAP server (latest)...

1. make sure you've got a mailbox on the IMAP server (eg under the root IMAP 
folder) and you're `subscribed' to it in Mozilla M&N.
2. make a new message go into a mailbox on the IMAP server (eg using procmail 
to filter into this mailbox on the IMAP server).
3. use Mozilla Mail & News to send/receive/synch with this IMAP account (making 
sure you're *already* subscribed to this mailbox, as per step 1 above).
4. DO NOT click on this mailbox (aka `folder') in Mozilla M&N...yet.

Actual Results:  1. *without* clicking inside the folder representation of this 
mailbox, you'll see that the unread-messages-count has not been incremented and 
if this new message is the only new message in that mailbox, the folder name 
will not be made into a bold font, etc.  ie it's user interface is telling you 
there are no new messages in the mailbox after you've told it to get all new 
messages, even though there is.

Expected Results:  1. what *should* happen is the folder view updates w/out 
clicking inside it when new messages are found in this mailbox/folder on the 
IMAP server during/after a send/receive/synch process.

1. *ideally* functionality like that found in MS Outlook Express, etc would be 
available allowing fine grained control over the synch-process of IMAP 
folders.  eg, MS Outlook Express lets you select *how* the individual folders 
are kept in synch (eg only-headers/new-messages-only/all-messages/never) and 
updates whenever you synch or send/receive with the account.


16 years ago
Summary: folder summary not updated for new msgs → IMAP: folder summary not updated for new msgs

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