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10.10.5 tests run on try when 10.10 is explicitly specified


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10.10.5 tests should not run by on try unless 10.10.5 is specified but this seems to be happening. This is not good because they are not greened up yet see bug 1210395
Depends on: 1210395
	Callek_cloud	kmoir: #2 (10.10 running 10.10.5) is dicey unless we rename 10.10 to 10.10.0 aiui:
	Callek_cloud	since that code means 10.10 does indeed match 10.10.5, but is setup in a way that makes this "harder" to fix
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Alin suggested using exclusions to get around this temporarily which works

not sure if this patch will do the trick
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slightly concerned that some humans and other cli tools won't let this change solve this well. But I'm happy giving this a shot.
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Thanks Alin for this idea, it worked.

I'll leave this open because we'll want to revert it when the 10.10.5 tests are green
ok, 10.10.5 is live- shall we revert things?
patch to revert
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new version of trychooser deployed
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