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Use Fennec APKs in |mach artifact| based builds


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Right now, we product two AAR files (geckolibs and geckoview) when we're building GeckoView.  (The former is a dependency of the latter.)  The former geckolibs AAR files are consumed by |mach artifact| based builds (see Bug 

Bug 1212347 stopped building GeckoView, in order to stop building geckoview_example.  Unfortunately, that stops |mach artifact| builds from being updated.

This ticket tracks always packaging and uploading geckolibs, even when we're not building GeckoView.
Assignee: nobody → nalexander
I elected to go a different direction.  Rather than turn on AAR files again, I've prepared patches to use fennec-*.apk files to extract the libraries.  The AAR files are smaller -- almost half the size, ~20 Mb compared to ~40 Mb -- but they're special.  Desktop builds expect to fetch a package artifact (.tar.gz, .dmg) and unpack it, so this approach aligns with what we will need for Bug 1207890 and Bug 1207888.

It's late on a Friday, so there are no reviewers around; this is Python code, and not part of the build; it's Android specific; and it's 100% busted -- I'm landing with r=me.  Your good health!
Blocks: 1207888, 1207890
Summary: Package and upload geckolibs AAR files even when we're not building GeckoView → Use Fennec APKs in |mach artifact| based builds
Bug 1213418 - Part 1: Use mozregression to download in |mach artifact|. r=me
Bug 1213418 - Part 2: Use Fennec APKs in |mach artifact|; use mozversion to extract build IDs. r=me
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 44
Does this mean you can no longer include GeckoView into gradle projects?
(In reply to Sebastian Kaspari (:sebastian) from comment #4)
> Does this mean you can no longer include GeckoView into gradle projects?

Yes, we're not currently building and uploading AARs.  We can patch this back in sometime soon, and I intend to work on a more comprehensive solution this quarter.
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox Build System
Target Milestone: Firefox 44 → mozilla44
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