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[tracking] Complete the implementation of chrome.bookmarks


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48.1 - Mar 21


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Depends on: 1213675
As per:

Not implemented:

    removeTree() (remove also removes non-empty folders)
Whiteboard: [bookmarks]
Flags: blocking-webextensions-
Depends on: 1221764
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Whiteboard: [bookmarks] → [bookmarks]triaged
Assignee: nobody → bob.silverberg
Iteration: --- → 47.3 - Mar 7
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Depends on: 1251269
Depends on: 1252250
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Iteration: 47.3 - Mar 7 → 48.1 - Mar 21
Depends on: 1254608
That's wonderful that support for chrome.bookmarks is coming along.  However, Firefox bookmarks contain additional features which are not supported by chrome.bookmarks, for example Tags, so-called "annotations" Keyword and Description, and then there are Smart bookmarks and Live bookmarks (livemarks).

I think that, in order for me to someday write a WebExtension to replace my current Firefox extension, chrome.bookmarks will need additional functions to support these Firefox-only bookmarks features, because the old API which I and others use (nsINavBookmarksService, nsIAnnotationService, nsITaggingService, nsINavHistoryService, mozIAsyncLivemarks, etc.) are not going to be available in a WebExtension.

Is that correct, and if so should I file another bug or is this already a known issue?


Please see bug 1225916 for an example. If there's more you'd like to see implemented please file bugs (and or give us some patches).
Thank you, Andy.

Because it is reasonable that Mozilla may prefer to obsolete the Firefox-only bookmarks features instead of supporting them, I'd like the need for the additional functions to be accepted before I work on a patch :)  Therefore, I have just now submitted Bug 1276731 and shall wait to see its discussion.
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Dropping priority down to match the dependents.
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Unassigning myself as this is a tracking bug.
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Summary: Complete the implementation of chrome.bookmarks → [tracking] Complete the implementation of chrome.bookmarks
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions

Is it still planned to implement onImportBegan and onImportEnded? I have an extension that creates a grid of bookmarks and folders and keeps it up-to-date as changes are made to bookmarks. I'm currently using a debounce function to prevent Firefox from locking up during a Restore or Import. That works, but it would be nice to have feature parity with Chrome.

Severity: normal → S3
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