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Implement remaining bookmarks.onImportBegan and onImportEnded WebExtensions API events

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5 months ago
3 months ago


(Reporter: bsilverberg, Assigned: mstriemer)


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Bug #1221764 implements onCreated, onChanged, onMoved and onRemoved, which are the most commonly used events. Based on the Chrome spec [1], there are still a few missing:

- onChildrenReordered
- onImportBegan
- onImportEnded

Keywords: dev-doc-needed
I looked into Chrome's onChildrenReordered event, and I don't think it would ever fire from Firefox. As per the docs [1], and my testing, it never fires as the result of manually executing a move, even if you are using the UI to reorder child bookmarks in a folder. The only time it fires is if you use the "Reorder by Title" menu item that appears in a submenu under "Organize" from the Bookmark Manager. I do not think Firefox has an equivalent function, and therefore the case that would cause onChildrenReordered to fire could never happen in Firefox. Do you agree, Kris?

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4 months ago
Yeah. Maybe we should just implement it as a stub.
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Updating this to only be about implementing onImportBegan and onImportEnded.
No longer depends on: 1221764
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Implement remaining chrome.bookmarks events → Implement remaining bookmarks.onImportBegan and onImportEnded WebExtensions API events
Whiteboard: [bookmarks] → [bookmarks]triaged

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3 months ago
Presumably this would mean implementing bookmarks.import and export
Assignee: nobody → mstriemer
Not really. Even without those API methods, import and export functions can be invoked by a user, which would then result in these events firing. In fact, Chrome doesn't even have import or export methods in their bookmarks API [1], so this would not be a matter of Chrome parity, but rather would be new APIs if we were to implement them.


Comment 6

3 months ago
Fair enough then, let's skip those methods and focus on the events.
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