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chroot content processes on desktop Linux


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This is the desktop version of bug 1151632 — once all filesystem access is brokered (including local-domain sockets), then we can chroot the content process.  (It should also be possible to unshare its network namespace at or before that point; if not, we'll need a separate bug, but I'll let whoever gets to that point decide how to handle it.)  This will, in addition to being general defense-in-depth, prevent the socketpair/sendmsg interaction described in bug 1066750.
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This might be doable now that filesystem brokering (bug 1289718) has landed.  The one problem is if libraries are trying to use named Unix-domain sockets (but not the Linux “abstract namespace” extension; that's scoped to the network namespace instead) after sandbox startup, and I think PulseAudio typically does that.

As for comment #0's optimism about the network namespace: that's going to be blocked by PulseAudio (when configured for a remote audio server) and possibly also WebRTC.  And maybe other things I'm forgetting right now.  We didn't need direct network access for WebRTC on B2G, but that might have been using platform-specific code that didn't carry over to desktop; this needs more investigation.
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Bug 1213998 - Apply chroot() to sandboxed content processes on Linux.
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Apply chroot() to sandboxed content processes on Linux. r=gcp
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