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When a page closes the last open tab, Firefox window gets stuck with 0 tabs


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a google spreadsheet which has a script editor project associated with it.
2. Open the script editor for the googlesheet (which will open in an adjacent tab).
3. Close all tabs aside from the two googlesheet tabs.
4. Close the googlesheet tab (not the script editor tab).

Actual results:

When the googlesheet tab is closed, it closes its associated script editor tab. This is fine when there are more than 2 tabs open, but when these are the last two tabs, the Firefox window gets stuck with 0 tabs and just the + (new tab) button. 
However the + and the address bar do not work, ctrl-t does not work; the window cannot be 'recovered' into a usable state.

If you have more than one window open, closing the stuck window will try to close the other remaining window.

Expected results:

It should probably close the whole window like clicking (x) on the last remaining tab of a window. Any other behaviour (eg spawning a fresh tab with about:home) would be inconsistent with this existing last-tab-closing behaviour.
Are you using any add-on that can cause this ?? to make sure, try starting firefox in safe mode and let us know what happens.
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I have a couple of add-ons but they're not causing this problem as it's replicable in safe mode. Were you unable to replicate it?
Nope, as a matter of fact, I already faced this previously but forgot to report, Now I have reported it on bug 1215895

btw, if you are facing this on safe mode, then it deserves a consideration of fixing :)
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See Also: → 1215895
Closed: 4 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 1238032
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