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Nightly mozilla-central builds of graphene


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Previously Graphene builds were implemented in bug 1191005 and being built off of larch. Now that we have merged larch to mozilla-central we would like to have nightly builds of graphene again, this time from mozilla-central.
which platforms? and you need updates, right?
* linux64
* macosx64
* win64

Also we would like to have updates if possible.

Any chance we could get these going in the near future? (pref before Dec 11)
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Whiteboard: [webvr]
Chris, do you think you can help?
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Any news for that?
It is very annoying download and compile graphene for try browser.html:
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To compile, sourcing `b2g/graphene/config/mozconfigs/common` should be enough.
Can this wait a few months so that we can do it on top of taskcluster instead of buildbot?
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I don't think so. We would like to do an announcement in the coming weeks and provide build links.

Gordon, you confirm?
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Yes that's correct. The WebVR team is also planning to use Nightly Graphene builds for VR work.
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We're doing manual builds at the moment.   Definetly would be nice to get Nightlies setup if possible.   As per Gordon, we are using these builds for Horizon/WebVR.
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Chris, can you help?
Which other branches do you need this on? I believe it (and Horizon) are still on Try. Having m-c builds means you should probably have m-i builds as well.
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> Which other branches do you need this on?

Only m-c.
Which is fine, as long as you realize that the builds will be tier-3 and the sheriffs will not be the ones to look at them and notice when they break.
(In reply to Phil Ringnalda (:philor) from comment #14)
> Which is fine, as long as you realize that the builds will be tier-3 and the
> sheriffs will not be the ones to look at them and notice when they break.

Vlad or Alin could you please write patches for this bug, it looks like these builds are already enabled on try, this bug is to enable them on m-c. Look for graphene in buildbot-configs/mozilla/ for hints.
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What is the url to download that build?
Is this
(In reply to Daniele "Mte90" Scasciafratte from comment #20)
> What is the url to download that build?
> Is this

I think it's
Thank you i wait for tomorrow for the build :-)
I found the build on but there is only the linux build.
But is normal that this build not support web components and service workers?

Some things to look at.  The builds appear to be running
search for graphene on this page (yesterday's builds)

If  you click on one of the links, for instance here
you can see the values for the master that ran the job

for instance

are the mozharness scripts used to run the build still relevant - are they up to date?

Are they uploading files to the correct location?

Do the builds that run on try work as expected? If so, are there configuration differences between the two?

As an aside, as I mentioned in our vidyo call, not sure if the linux64 builds should be moved to taskcluster. (something to investigate later)
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I think :philor summarized very well the status of these builds and the reason they fail in I also looked over the logs trying to find some extra hints on how to fix this, but had little luck. I considered taking a look at the graphene builders from try, but it seems that they don't run at all.

Noticed in bug 1248326 that Paul changed the product from "Release Engineering" to "Firefox OS".
@Paul: do you have some updates regarding the progress in this direction? Is there anything we can do to help you guys?

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I need to fix the warning-as-error issue, and see why the PGO build hangs. I didn't have the time to look at this yet.
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I can no longer find these builds in our bb-configs, so I assume this can be closed.
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