textarea execcommand insertText not working properly

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2 years ago
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(Reporter: daniel.didusch, Assigned: masayuki)


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2 years ago
What did you do?
<!doctype html>
		<textarea designMode="on" id="textarea"></textarea>
		<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById('textarea').focus(); document.execCommand('insertText', false, 'Text'); return false;">Insert text</a>
		<a href="#" onclick="document.getElementById('textarea').value = ''; return false;">Reset</a>

What happened?
Insert text works properly as long you don't change it's value

What should have happened?
Should also work after editing text

Is there anything else we should know?
Sounds like you're trying to report a bug in Firefox.
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2 years ago
You're right Luke Crouch, I missed that one, sorry for any inconvenience!


2 years ago
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Summary: textarea execcommand not working properly → textarea execcommand insertText not working properly

Comment 3

2 years ago
Here is a jsFiddle that I created that illustrates the bug, https://jsfiddle.net/dvo5pnvy/3/.

In chrome, safari, and edge, when pasting into the input text box, the string "This should be pasted." is pasted in, no matter what is in your clipboard. In firefox, however, whatever is in your clipboard is pasted in, even though the event fires.


2 years ago
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Firefox: 50.0a1, Build ID: 20160626030213
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0

I have tested this issue on the latest Firefox (47.0) release and latest Nightly (50.0a1) build. When testing this I have used both provided test cases.
In the test case from comment 0, when pressing the "Insert Text" link, nothing happens. In Chrome when pressing the "Insert Text" link in the text box the "Text" string is displayed.
In the test case from comment 3, any copied string is pasted in the text box, but the "This should be pasted." string should be pasted.
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I'm not sure if comment 3's testcase is exactly same bug as this.

Here is the simplest testcase: https://jsfiddle.net/d_toybox/prkt4yhd/1/

Anyway, according to MDN, document.execCommand() is designed only for designMode="on" or "contenteditable". So, it's not working with <input> nor <textarea> must be intentional behavior in Gecko.

However, indeed, it makes incompatibility between other browsers. This is too bad. I guess that it's not so difficult to implement this, but I don't have much time because there are a lot of bugs in my queue...
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According to the debugger, we hit here because there is no HTML editor in the testcase:

And I guess we need to hack here:

We need to use command manager for <input> or <textarea> instead of HTML editor's.

I guess that this bug is useful for Gecko Hands-on which will be held in Japan late this month. I'll research the detail more and new hacker should fix this bug if it's possible.
Assignee: nobody → masayuki
Thank you for looking into this!  Do you know what, if anything, the spec says here?
(In reply to Boris Zbarsky [:bz] from comment #7)
> Thank you for looking into this!  Do you know what, if anything, the spec
> says here?

Although, not yet reading whole of the the Editing API draft, I don't find about the target of execCommand. I feel odd to use "document."execCommand for an editable element, though. (<input>.execCommand makes sense for me...)


8 months ago
Duplicate of this bug: 241182

Comment 10

6 months ago
This bug becomes more important since setting `.value` now nukes undo history for <textarea>s and <input>s.

If developers want to preserve undo history for <textarea>s and <input>s, they would use `execcommand` on Webkit and directly use .value on Firefox.  Now, there is no way for preserving undo history while programmatically changing <textarea> or <input> values.

Comment 11

6 months ago
Please also refer to https://twitter.com/FakeU/status/901671863851429889 for illustration.


6 months ago
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