The icon used for the data connectivity quick settings button is not intuitive



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2 years ago
>> Feature Request Summary:
The meaning of the "H" settings icon in the notifications tray is unclear

>> Description of feature, or problem to be solved
Using the Z3C foxfooding device with the latest FOTA/OTA installed (build number: eng.naoki.20151007.074137, build identifier 20151023101519).

1) Drag down from the top of the screen to open the notifications tray
2) Look at the "H" settings icon at the bottom of the tray

I'm actually able to figure out what the icon is meant to be, without guessing.

It's unclear.

I'm presuming it's mobile data (as in "H+")? If so, a better icon would be the mobile signal strength icon that Android uses.
Probably something that should go by UX team :)
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2 years ago
I've also filed bug 1222959 for adding text labels to *all* of the icons.
Morphing this bug to be about the choice of specific icon for this button.

After speaking with Gerard on IRC, he said that the "H" icon in the quick settings changes to match whatever connectivity is available at the time (eg would match the same icon next to the clock at the top of the screen).

I can see why this was done, however I think it's still pretty confusing, since:
1) When I'm on a wifi network, I don't see *any* data icon next to the clock, so I can't work out the association between the two symbols
2) It's inconsistent. When I open a quick settings panel I need the icons to stay consistent (or at least similar), so I know what to press. Having the icon change to different symbols is confusing - it makes me think the icon now does something else. If there were a text label (that always said "Data") then I guess this would be less confusing.
See Also: → bug 1222959
Summary: The meaning of the "H" settings icon in the notifications tray is unclear → The icon used for the data connectivity quick settings button is not intuitive

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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Meant to say: To me, "H" means hospital or Helipad ;-)
Yeah, this is a tough one. iOS doesn't have a mobile data quick setting, instead it looks like they just rely on airplane mode for this. on the other hand, android does have a quick setting with the icon being a globe icon, but then they have text labels to explain it. Since we currently share our screen real estate between quick settings and notifications, it makes it hard to justify taking up more space with text labels. I would be happier if we could find an icon that represents mobile data.

Rob, what are your thoughts here?
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[icon] suggestion

Maybe something like this would convey it.
Passing this to Eric as he does work on the status bar and notification tray icons.

Thanks for pinging the UX team!
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I'm looking into a few possible alternatives.  Will post something soon!  Leaving need info on myself to keep track of the bug.
Cancelling ni? on rob since it looks like Eric has got this.
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There's a bug to fix the transition states of the quick settings (Bug 1208998). I've suggested a fix there as well as an update to the data connectivity icon.  Can both be fixed in the same bug?


2 years ago
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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7 months ago
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