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List Name: fx-update
List Admin: nnguyen@mozilla.com, dcamp@mozilla.com, smooney@mozilla.com, 

Short Description:
Feedback for Firefox updates in the weekly project meeting

Long Description:
If you're attending the weekly project meetings and want to provide feedback on future updates you'd like to see, join this list. We'll also use this list to email out any relevant links.

Justification / Special Instructions:
Hi Nick,

Sorry for the delay in getting to this. Do you want a discussion forum (mailing list/newsgroup/Google Group triple) or just a mailing list? Discussion forums are the normal way of doing things, but Firefox development is now discussion on a mailing-list-only platform (firefox-dev@mozilla.org). 

If you want a discussion forum, I would suggest mozilla.firefox.updates (mailing list name firefox-updates@lists.mozilla.org).

If you want a mailing list, you need to file a Service Now request, but I would again urge name-consistency with firefox-dev and call it firefox-updates@mozilla.org. (Calling it "update" might lead people to think you are discussing the Firefox Update mechanism which keeps people's Firefoxes updated.)

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