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Use https as connection protocol for map lookups of addresses instead of insecure http


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Thunderbird 47.0
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use the http protocol for looking the addresses of contacts in the addressbook.

These should be https urls. Google Maps uses https by default, for OSM which supports both http and https but doesn't upgrade the connection, it might be better to ask the OSM webops first.

Aceman, you worked on bug 531285, are you interested in this?
Yes, but we need to find a clever way to implement this. Currently if most of the users have the http version in their mail.addr_book.mapit_url.format, changing the current version of mail.addr_book.mapit_url.1.format to https (or any other change), will automatically cause creating of a new user pref of mail.addr_book.mapit_url.100.format where this old http copy gets stored.
We could afford that for the new OSM which I think is not in release yet (so probably nobody uses it yet). But for gmaps it is worse (as all users have it now).
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OK, I have tested it and when users have not yet customized the mail.addr_book.mapit_url.format pref yet, they can be automatically upgraded (the new pref value (URL) is used) fine without creating the entries I described.
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I have no idea why I forgot to request a review here.
Anyway, we should get it out in TB45 before many people get to use the old URLs.
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r=mkmelin - you should probably post about this in m.d.l10n
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This should be safe for branches as the string IDs are not changed. I'll post to l10n newsgroup for localizers that want to pick up this change.
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Questions and comment for TB 45.

First, I would not normally push a change to suite for comm-beta. Also, are they still CLOSED TREE? I will not push against a closed tree. If I push this, I will strip out the suite part unless specifically requested not to (and the suite tree is open).

Second, I am wondering whether this was the right approach this late. l10n tools are automated so this change will not get picked up. A post to l10n is less than optimal. Who can speak for l10n to say that pushing this to beta with no ID change and a post to the newsgroup is acceptable practice? (You could have for example created a new string ID, used it by default but silently used the old string if not available. Or automatically changed the http:// to https:// in the strings for default providers).
I know nothing about it, I pushed to Aurora as was requested. Or was that a mistake? I didn't see any strings that needed translation.
Pushing this to beta (45) is an attempt to never expose the http version of openstreetmap to users. If we let the http version in TB45 and any users start to use it, they will not be upgraded automatically to the https version later on. Actually, they will get a duplicate entry in the URL list one with the new https version and a "user-URL" with the old http version.

Yes, it is unfortunate this got so late in the cycle (lost time in comment 3:().

So of course it is your decision now whether it gets into 45. As for localizers, maybe ask Aryx how it works.
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If the desire is to "never expose the http version of openstreetmap to users" perhaps a better choice would have been to replace http:// with https:// in any openstreetmap string after localization?

I'm not trying to be hardnosed about this, I just want to do what is the least burden to localizers.
Patching every localization repo is painful and can confuse localizers which would get a new head when they push their latest translation of other texts. What I find feasible:
Add a code which checks the url format and updates it:
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This is a string change that we should not land this late. We could still probably accept something in TB 45 if it was one of the mitigation strategies that have been suggested that do not impact localization.
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Not going to block on this.
I have posted to so everything should be finished here.
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