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[Static Analysis][Result of operation is garbage or undefined] Function OpenCoreDebugFiles from media/webrtc/trunk/webrtc/modules/audio_processing/aec/aec_core.c


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The Static Analysis tool Scan-Build added warning that the left operand of > can be a garbage value in function OpenCoreDebugFiles where  aec->sampFreq is used without being initialized.
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Very low priority, and causes no problems - garbage values would merely cause either 16000 or random value between 0-15999 to be used as the wav frequency - and this would likely only be able to happen in an error path where no usable debug data would exist.  And if the file is corrupted, it's not a problem.

That said, ensuring the structure is safely allocated is worthwhile.  Though I'd use calloc perhaps instead; and clearing with "sizeof(FooStructure)" is error-prone, such as if the malloc is changed to sizeof(FooBarStructure) or sizeof(FooStructure+N).  memset(x, 0, sizeof(*x)) is safer.

Also: upstream issue; file a bug at the issue tracker.
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r+ with tweak (sizeof(*aec))
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I definitely agree with you, best practice is to use sizeof(*data) in cases when you alloc more memory than the actual size of the type that data points to.
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