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[meta] Upstream or remove local code changes


(Core :: WebRTC, task, P2)





(Reporter: derf, Unassigned)


(Depends on 19 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This is a meta bug to track the patches to our code import that we need to get merged upstream.
The plan is to keep bugs on this list until they've been successfully upstreamed, and then migrate them to bug 818631's dependency list directly.

This initial list of dependencies is just from memory. jesup, if you could run your scripts from bug 688847 and add what I've missed, I'd appreciate it. We also may need to double-check the bugs bug 818631 currently depends on and migrate those which have not been upstreamed yet here.
Blocks: 825112, 861280, 809993
Depends on: webrtc_updates
I know this is a meta bug, but I figured I'd make myself the owner since I'll be making sure all the patches get upstreamed and integrated into the code.
Assignee: nobody → mreavy
Whiteboard: [webrtc][blocking-webrtc-]
Blocks: 807492, 826985
Alias: webrtc_upstream_bugs
Blocks: 844818
Blocks: 832567
Whiteboard: [webrtc][blocking-webrtc-] → [webrtc][blocking-webrtc-][ft:webrtc]
Blocks: 938092
Depends on: 1040168
Blocks: 1131960
Severity: normal → enhancement
Flags: firefox-backlog+
Priority: -- → P5
Depends on: 1123012
Hi Paul -- All the dependent bugs that are marked "resolved" should be ready for uplift. I know there are more bugs in our bug database that are missing the dependency link to this bug. As we see them in our bugzilla searches, we'll link them here.  I'm making you the owner for this meta since you'll be pushing these upstream. Thanks!
Assignee: mreavy → pkerr
Severity: enhancement → normal
Priority: P5 → P3
Clearing the priority since this is a meta bug.  (Added the [meta] tag to the whiteboard for filtering.)
Priority: P3 → --
QA Contact: jsmith
Whiteboard: [webrtc][blocking-webrtc-][ft:webrtc] → [webrtc][meta]
Moved meta to the keywords field
Keywords: meta
Whiteboard: [webrtc][meta]
We're planning on upstreaming our local modifications to after the branch 64 update lands (Bug 1376873). We're doing a complete pass through the "rollup" patches as part of this. I'm going to clear out the old dependencies of this bug, and file new bugs blocking this one as we go.
Assignee: paulrkerr → nobody
Rank: 15
Priority: -- → P2
Depends on: 1496498
Depends on: 1496546
I'm going to add Bug 1451394 here. We have a lot of local modifications to camera capture code that could potentially go away if we switch to the chrome video capture implementations. I'll expand the scope of this bug to removing local modifications that are no longer relevant.
Depends on: 1451394
Summary: [meta] Upstream code changes → [meta] Upstream or remove local code changes
Depends on: 1497531
Depends on: 1497533
Depends on: 1497547
Depends on: 1497552
Depends on: 1414632
Depends on: 1387525
Depends on: 1497559
We have local modifications to the apm_data_dumper. We should look at upstreaming these, but only after Bug 1404982 is fixed.
Depends on: 1404982
Depends on: 1497573
Depends on: 1497576
Depends on: 1497577
Depends on: 1045482
Depends on: 1497602
Depends on: 1497606
Depends on: 1497610
Depends on: 1497611
Depends on: 1497614
Depends on: 1497619
Depends on: 1497621
Depends on: 1368816
Depends on: 731407
Depends on: 1497650
Depends on: 1497958
Depends on: 1497974
Depends on: 1294407
Depends on: 1497992
Depends on: 1393687
Depends on: 1498205
Depends on: 1343691
Depends on: 1498253
Depends on: 1498260
Depends on: 1498302
Depends on: 1498322
Depends on: 1498671
Depends on: 1500168
Depends on: 1500169
Depends on: 1500426
Depends on: 1509994
Depends on: 1512459
Depends on: 1523412
Depends on: 1535584
Depends on: 1539928
Type: defect → task
Depends on: 1581527
See Also: → 1646904
No longer depends on: 731407
No longer depends on: 1451394
Depends on: 1675042
Depends on: 1729787
Depends on: 1742765
Severity: normal → S3
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