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Activity summary for incoming POP messages filtered by "before junk" rules doesn't work


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Thunderbird 45.0


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Activity summary for incoming pop messages filtered by "before junk" rules doesn't work.

In bug 1211261 I implemented the "UnincorporatedMessageMoved" event, so that POP messages that got moved by a "before junk" rule would get shown in the activity manager.

This worked nicely. Today I noticed that on Daily of 2015-12-10 the summarising doesn't work any more. I believe it worked a couple of days ago, I will get a regression window.

The summarising is done here:

Did something change with the message ID?

I tried "after junk" rules, which are summarised here:
and they still get summaries properly.

How did that break?
Any idea why that broke?
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Keywords: regression
Something has gone bust with activities.

Debug statements are:
dump("+++++++++++++++ |" + activities[activities.length-1].id + "|\n");
dump("+++++++++++++++ |" + + "|\n");

The debug shows:
Incorporate message begin:
uidl string: UID139-1444039152
GetDiskSpaceAvailable returned: 18012839936 bytes
+++++++++++++++ |0|
+++++++++++++++ |undefined|
Incorporate message complete.
Incorporate message begin:
uidl string: UID140-1444039152
GetDiskSpaceAvailable returned: 18012831744 bytes
+++++++++++++++ |0|
+++++++++++++++ |4|
Incorporate message complete.

So two messages were received and incorporated.

Sadly, the last retrieved activity always has id=0 so it never matches.

I also noticed that clicking "Clear List" in the Activity Manager doesn't work and returns this in the console:
JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/activity.js, line 263: TypeError: item.detachFromActivity is not a function

The list isn't cleared. On a non-debug Daily the list is cleared. So I don't understand this either.
OK, regression range:

Worked on 2015-12-04
Busted on 2015-12-05.

Most likely bug 824104.
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Sorry for poor quality patch :P
I think this will fix something.

Jorg, can you test this?  or is there any way to test it locally?
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Fix broken mail activity after for-each replacement.

Thanks, that fixes both problems:
- Activities combine/summarise again as expected.
- Clear List works.

Please review/land this quickly. I'm using Daily and I need this function.
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Fix broken mail activity after for-each replacement.

Looks good to me.
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Bug 1231887 - Fix broken mail activity after for-each replacement. r=rkent
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(fixing dependency)
Blocks: 824104
Wouldn't for..of work here?
for-of requires the object to be iterable.
but _activities property is just an object.
we could replace _activities and related implementation with Map or something to use for-of there.
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