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Create EGL surfaces through nsIWidget


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Right now we create EGL surfaces through AndroidBridge, but we should create them through nsIWidget to support multiple windows.
This patch makes GLContextProviderEGL create EGL surfaces through
nsWindow/nsIWidget on Android. nsWindow then calls GLController in Java
to actually create the surface.
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This patch adds a widget member to GLContextEGL, so that it can later
use it to renew surfaces.
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Create EGL surface through widget (v1)

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We want to kill GLController entirely eventually, but this is a good step towards that.
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Save widget in GLContextEGL for renewing surface (v1)

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As discussed, I don't think we want this. The compositor has the widget when it asks us to renew, so it should probably just pass it in.
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Add a widget parameter to RenewSurface so that the compositor can pass in its
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Renew EGL surface using existing compositor widget (v1)

Review of attachment 8700124 [details] [diff] [review]:

I like it, but lets get another gfx person to review.

::: gfx/gl/GLContextEAGL.h
@@ +59,5 @@
>      virtual GLuint GetDefaultFramebuffer() override {
>          return mBackbufferFB;
>      }
> +    virtual bool RenewSurface(nsIWidget* aWidget) override {

This is wrong for UIKit, but maybe just add something like:

// FIXME: should use the passed widget instead of the existing one
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