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Url opened in a new tab is lost after session restore if I close browser during page load


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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firefox46 --- affected


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>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 46, 32bit, ID 20160103030302
0. Disable cache: Open about:preferences#advanced -> "Network" -> "Limit cache to 0 MB of space"
1. Open this bug report in Nightly (which you're going to test)
2. Select all text in urlbar, drag-n-drop it at the right side of selected tab [it will start loading]
3. Close browser when the tab opened in Step 2
 A) still shows "Connecting..." (gray spinner)
 B) shows blue spinner  and the actual title ("Url opened in a new tab...")
 C) shows Bugzilla icon and the actual title
4. Open browser
5. Switch to the tab opened in Step 2   (note that it was background tab during steps 2-4)

 (A) After Step 4 the tab displays no_icon and title "New tab"
     After Step 5 urlbar doesn't display actual url, but the page starts loading, and url appears
     in urlbar once the tab starts to display blue spinner and the actual title.

 (B) After Step 4 the tab displays Bugzilla_icon and title "New tab"
     After Step 5 the tab displays no_icon and title "New tab". The page is blank. Urlbar is blank

 (C) After Step 4 the tab displays Bugzilla_icon and actual_title
     After Step 5 urlbar displays actual url

 After Step 4:
    (A) No data was received, so Tab should display no icon/globe icon and URL as title
(B),(C) Icon and actual title were received, so Tab should should display actual icon and actual title

 After Step 5:
        Urlbar must display URL immediately, because it's known information

 See "screencast 1": you can drag url from any source you want
 Also, the component is NOT "Session restore", because URL isn't _saved_ properly. See the
  related bug (once I link it to this one)
Here's the related bug. Well, now I see that the right component for this bug (1236528) may be
"Session restore", because the related bug describes other issue with scenario similar to (A).
While in this bug the most broken case is (B)
See Also: → 1236533
Component: Untriaged → Document Navigation
Product: Firefox → Core
Again, this is a Firefox issue, not a core one.  Session restore is handled by the UI.
Component: Document Navigation → Session Restore
Product: Core → Firefox
See Also: → 798249
See Also: 1236533, 7982491110297
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